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I was first elected to the Invercargill City Council in October 2013. I am one of two women on the council and am the youngest of the 12 city councillors. It is election time again so over the next few months there will be a few posts related to this.

I believe in real community engagement and I believe our council needs to work harder and smarter to develop better engagement with its community. I also believe that the community needs to be supported to be active and engaged in its own community. Both of these things will take time to change but that journey has started with me. I want to use this blog to share my vision for Invercargill and to help people develop their understanding of how council works. In addition to this blog I also have a Facebook page – Bec Amundsen – Your City Councillor https://www.facebook.com/BecAmundsenICC where I regularly post.

In addition to being a city councillor I am an event co-ordinator, oral historian, crossfitter, camper, community activist particularly in Glengarry, housework avoider, mother to 2 boys and wife to another.

Authorised by Rebecca Amundsen 161 Earn St Invercargill


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