Council and You

I spent 100 days up to the 26th of July posting a photo a day of things council does that effect you – all of you – home owners or renters – anyone living in Invercargill.

So what about a day in the life of council and you? How many times in the following do you bump into council.

20160507_135914You wake in the morning – get and up and go to the toilet. With breakfast you have a drink of water. You feed the dog and head outside to go to work.

You drive out the driveway and down the road. You give way at some traffic lights and a roundabout. You park in an all day car p20160406_150133ark and follow the footpath to your favourite cafe. It starts to rain and the run off flows off the roads into the gutters and down the storm water. You get a text reminder from your hairdresser about your appointment the next day.
You finish drinking your coffee before you get to work and put the empty cup in the rubbish bin on the footpath. Along the way you walk past some public art.

At lunch time you pop to the library to return some books. You answer a call from your builder who is20160413_125937 doing some renovations to your house and has a few questions. On your way back to work you dodge some road works.
After work you stop into the pub for a drink and while you are there you arrange to go for a run with friends in the morning through the Park.

On the way home you grab some takeaways and as you get close to your20160522_141636 house the streetlights turn on.

Finally you get changed to go out to a show at the Civic.

Busy day – and a lot of bumping into council don’t you think?

And hopefully this helps you see just how much council touches your life and therefore the importance of voting – so you can help determine who represents you and your community.


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