Inner City

Inner City Snapshot

The Inner City was a talking point in the 2013 election and its a talking point again this year. This is not really a surprise – inner city issues are complex and the points of view on the issues and the solutions are varied.

I have commented on this in previous blog posts but some thoughts from me are – we need some attractions in the inner city (like an Art Gallery or Museum); we need to work out who is responsible for what – the question for me is what is really council responsibility and what is not??; we need events and activities regularly in the inner city; we need our community to shop local; and we need some kind of plan around our empty buildings, earthquake proofing and resource consents.

Most importantly we need to acknowledge that the ways people behave and the expectations people have have changed and we need to figure out what that means for the inner city – and for that matter – Invercargill as a whole.



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