Democracy Snapshot

People often comment that they don’t vote in local government elections because it doesn’t effect them. It does effect you!! And it is through local government that you can have the most influence on the community in which you live. This is why I do my best to be accessible to the community and provide information. I also try to find ways for the council to engage more with the community.

People also say they don’t vote because they do not know enough about the candidates. Because of this I provided an opportunity on Monday 15 August at 5.30pm for candidates to speak to the public. Over 80 people attended and 24 candidates spoke for 3 min each. It was great to see a diverse audience and lots of chatting between the candidates and audience afterwards.

In the lead up to the election I have also been proactive in providing information for people interested in running for council. Both these meetings had about 12-14 people attend and a number of the candidates we now have were amongst those people.

I firmly believe local government is where we have the best opportunity to influence our community and make it a place where we want to live. Please vote in 2016.



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