Last Night Away

Wow! What an amazing 10 days away from home. I have learned a heap and have found it interesting to see a bunch of things from different perspectives. I feel like I need to make a list of key interesting snippets to share with you (and for my own record!)

  1. Councils need to be forward thinking and have a visionary attitude while letting the community drive activities that effect them – locally led is the most genuine action
  2. Councils often assume that the general community should know things that they don’t necessarily know ie when they might need a resource consent or a food licence or permission to do something or how council works – councils need to become better educators and information sharers
  3. Only the hood can change the hood – but we (agencies etc) can help
  4. We have more power than we realise – use it
  5. Democracy is messy
  6. I love walking in Wellington at night
  7. A leader is anyone willing to help, anyone who sees something that needs to change and takes the first step to influence that situation – Margaret Wheatley
  8. Two of the important things are – story telling and relationships
  9. 7 Lego Star Wars spaceships including a Millennium Falcon weigh less than 6 kgs
  10. Going to an unconference with 120 women is not as scary as it might seem
  11. An unconference is when the participants decide the agenda for the discussions – we need to have one in Invercargill soon – watch this space
  12. I need to learn Te Reo
  13. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be brave
  14. Be authentic
  15. Scaffolding – use it to help people move from one place to another in engagement
  16. Impostor syndrome! It has a name – when you feel like you don’t belong or that you shouldn’t be there and that you might get found out – loads of people have it!
  17. People who are always looking forward sometimes need to take time to reflect on their past achievements
  18. Always tell people when they do great stuff
  19. The act of telling our own stories is powerful
  20. Part of me still wants to learnt to surf…..
  21. I want to make a zine – now that I know what it is!
  22. We need to create a pull rather than a push
  23. There is no try, just do – Yoda
  24. I get excited about ideas but I can’t do everything!
  25. Whanganui took the risk and created a temporary Art Gallery – what are we doing?
  26. My aunty Lorraine has the most comfy bed at her place – and my cousin Hamish cooks a mean roast
  27. Its interesting to hear 2 different perspectives on the same thing at 2 different events (Aranui Housing)
  28. Challenge people’s assumptions – why?
  29. We want our community engagement to have waves of impact, not just ripples
  30. To get engagement as the core of your organisation you need to create contagion
  31. There is a growing sense of entitlement about community engagement in the community
  32. Challenges are opportunities
  33. I love pork belly – but not when i cook it myself, when someone else does
  34. Hearing about the flag referendum process from someone who was leading it really makes you think
  35. Make sure commentators have the facts because they can influence people
  36. The design thinking approach to homelessness in Auckland is amazing!
  37. Personal transformations can lead to community transformations
  38. Hard to reach people will always be hard to reach people – or at least will always exist
  39. You have to see things holistically
  40. Have experts on tap, not on top
  41. Stakeholders are members of the community too – so they should be treated just like everyone else and have the same level of input – no special treatment
  42. It’s about community building – so for gods sake do that, don’t wreck it!
  43. Councils try to give communities ready made soup (in a can – one size fits all) – solutions to a problem they perceive – but they need to realise communities can make their own soup
  44. Community engagement is about gathering community intelligence
  45. I need to learn from younger people about modern day networking – through social media and other online platforms

Ok so I think that is enough! As you can see its been an interesting 10 days and this is just the highlights of the trip. See you soon Invercargill!

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