Council Elections

Wow it seems like the election season has ramped up over the last week with a number of people declaring their intention to stand! This is exciting as we start to see the things that people care about. Nominations officially open on 15th July and then everything wraps up on 8 October.

At a council meeting last week electoral officer Graham Low said he hoped to have the Candidate Information Booklet online in the next week – so if you are interested in learning more about standing for council visit over the next few days to find it.

While preparing for my own lanternselection campaign I have a few other fun things happening. This Friday is the annual Glengarry Fire & Light Midwinter Festival. Today our volunteer team spent the afternoon making lanterns.

The Festival is always loads of fun – it’s free to come to and we have lots of activities and entertainment for people of all ages to enjoy.

It is also a good way to celebrate winter at a time when lots of us have just about had enough of it. It goes from 5-8pm at the church on the corner of Glengarry Cres and Yarrow St (Eastside Baptist).


We also have our next Innov8 event coming up on Monday 20th at the Wool Bar (under the Grand Hotel). The theme for June is Building Resilient Communities and the topics are Healthy Families Invercargill, Time Bank and Community Gardens.

As of today I am on day 56 of my #100 Days of ICC on Facebook. I did think maybe my list would start to get a bit thin but in fact my list is getting longer as the more council things I put down the more I think of. People have commented that they have been a little surprised by some of the things council does and others comment on how many of the things council does that they just take for granted and don’t really think about.

I am going to end the month by going away for 10 days on a mix of business. I will be attending the LGNZ Building Resilient Communities workshop and the IAP2 Symposium (all about community engagement) and I will be attending a conference – or should I say unconference – for Women Who Get Shit Done which I am really looking forward to. In between all those things I will be flying to Auckland for a day to visit my oldest son who moved there a month ago and spending my other free day in Wanganui visiting family who I haven’t seen in a while. June is going to disappear pretty fast I think.

I look forward to the fun events, the learning and the catching up all while I gear up for the 2016 Local Government elections. All the best to the new candidates – running for council is a great experience and you learn a lot – about yourself and people in general.


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