Innov8 – Youth Council

The monthly Innov8 events will be a year old this month.

I started Innov8 Monthly because I wanted to provide the community with an opportunity to talk about the positive things that are happening and also to provide people with an opportunity to talk about their ideas and inspiration for the future of Invercargill.

Over the last 11 months we have heard from a great range of people covering some interesting topics. We have heard about tourism, art, vibrant inner cities, museums, cycling, food forests, heritage buildings, vege bag schemes, Koha Kai, aging population, the Southland Regional Development Strategy, trains, knitting and more.

This month (on Monday 23 May) as part of Youth Week we are going to hear from people and groups who are connected with youth – Number 10; Makervengers, NRG Rotary Club and the Youth Council itself.

Somebody said when I started doing this that I would need to be careful that I don’t run out of people to present. At this stage I don’t think that’s going to be a problem anytime soon. The more events we have the more suggestions of presenters I get (feel free to let me know of people you know too).

And the other thing I am finding is that all this positive talk is encouraging more exciting things to happen in the city, it’s helping people to mobilise and get active in their community and to stop waiting for someone else to do it and do it themselves. This is exactly the by-product I hoped would result.

So, join the conversation, share your ideas, be part of the action. Good things are happening Invercargill and the more of you who get on board the more amazing the future will be.

And here’s a link to the Innov8 facebook page so you can see what’s been going and what’s happening next.

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