Aaah the Annual Plan

Every year the council puts a document in front of the community to let them know how they plan to spend ratepayers money in the next financial year. To make things complicated the council financial year is not a calendar one – it runs 1 July to 30 June. So our next financial year is coming up pretty fast!

So I hope you know that the current Annual Plan Consultation Document is available right now. You can check it out here: And you have until Friday 8 April to let council know what you think.

There are 2 ways of doing this – follow the link above and you will find an online survey that you can complete. I would recommend having a read of the Consultation Document first so you have some basic information about why different ideas are being proposed.

The other option is to make a written submission. Again the forms can be found by following the link above. If you do a written submission you have the opportunity to also speak to your submission. If you are game you should definitely do this.

This whole process is a legislated one. I am the first to admit I am not convinced that it works that well. But it is the system we have to work in.

I am keen to know from you what you think we could do to make this system better? Obviously we still have to stick to the law, but how can we get you to tell us what you think? How can we get you to read the consultation document and take the time to respond? Is it because you don’t really care about roads and water and sewerage as long as it works? Often I hear people say ‘but council never listens’ – how can we show you that we listened? And while you are answering those questions – pop over and check out the Consultation Document – have you looked at one before? Maybe there is something in there that you do care about – so make sure you let us know. You don’t have to respond to everything in the document and you can tell us about things that aren’t mentioned in there too.


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