Active Citizens

I am a doer. This means there are times when I am pretty busy helping to organise events and meetings and things. Right now is one of those times!

Last weekend I was involved in organising the first Glengarry Bike Fun Day in conjunction with Cycling Southland, the Invercargill Environment Centre and Venture Southland who organised the Summer Concert that followed. We had amazing weather and lots of families came out and enjoyed a day out. I was really pleased with how the day went – its always very satisfying to see families having a good time togethe20160214_120957r especially in Glengarry.

Following these two back to back events I was off to the Murihiku Time Exchange (Time Bank) meeting. This is going to be an exciting development for Invercargill and there are an amazing enthusiastic group of people working hard to get this established. So a Time Bank is where you exchange your time for someone else, without exchanging money. Its a great way to build community and help people in your community as well as a great way to get to do more of what you love to do.

Monday night we had out first Innov8 Monthly for 2016 where we had 2 very different speakers. Tahu Parkinson talked about storytelling and the wide range of ways to tell stories. We then discussed ideas for telling Invercargill’s stories. Alistair Adam from Venture Southland was the other speaker. His topic was Southland’s aging and changing population in the coming years and just what that will mean. The discussion centred around how we should deal with this. One option is to bring more people into Southland but the discussion also focused on what else we can do to help counter this issue.

Events Poster (7)So that’s the busiest part of February done for me and now I am working on March when we have the Inner City Heritage Week. I believe that we need events and activities happening in the Inner City in order to pump some life back into it. I am really looking forward to heritage Week – it should be great fun.

So I don’t do all these things because I am on the city council, in fact I was involved in most of these things before I even got on the council. But being on council means I can do more than I might have been able to do before. For me it’s all about making the place where I live the kind of place I want to live in. I believe we all have a responsibility to be active citizens. If we want change or something better then there is no reason why we can’t make that happen ourselves.

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