What do you want?

On Tuesday our Representation Review Report was provided to council. After three months of work the independent panel had spoken to a wide range of people – some who had very strong and clear opinions and others who had never given their council representation a thought. It was a very interesting process as we tried to find a range of ways to get feedback from people all over the city.

The outcome – and the recommendation we made – was that all in all most people believed the system we have is the best way to effectively represent the community. There was a but of course….. And the but was that things needed to be done to ensure that council genuinely made an effort to engage with the community and listen to the community.

So our report also included a recommendation about developing an engagement strategy for the council that encourages the council to use new ways of getting information out to and from the community at all levels including with Maori.

The report and recommendations will go out for submissions on Sat 8 August until 8 September. From Saturday you should be able to access the information through the Consult South website www.consultsouth.co.nz 

Your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

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