Innov8 Invercargill

I am pretty excited about Innov8 Invercargill. It’s an idea I have wanted to make happen for a while now and over the last 6 weeks all the stars aligned and the time is definitely right.

In brief Innov8 is an opportunity to start talking about the future of Invercargill. What do we want it to look like? What kind of community will we have? What will set us apart from other places? And how can we make Invercargill an even better place?

I believe that Invercargill needs a vision for the future. A vision that looks at the city in a holistic way. A vision that is informed by the community that lives and works in the city. A vision that we can all work towards – in big and small ways, as businesses, councils, community groups and residents.

My own vision for Invercargill is one where people are engaged as active citizens in setting the direction they want their community to take. I believe Invercargill is a place which exceeds people’s expectations. But it could exceed them by so much more. It is cliche to use that Fastest Indian statement – ‘where dreams are possible’ but for me, and many people I have spoken to this statement is true.

The time is right to be talking about the future. I have been inspired by the responses I have had to the Innov8 idea. If you want to be inspired then I suggest you come along on Monday 15 June at 5,30pm at Level 6, Kelvin Hotel. We will have 7 presenters who will speak about what inspires them – lets get the conversations started. Who knows what might happen!

Here is a Southland Times article about Innov8:

And here’s a link to my council Facebook page so you can stay informed about future events and activities:

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